Escape Reality Live House – Dream Returns!

Escape Reality Live House – Dream Returns!

Feel the Beat, Find Your Heart

In the journey of life, winds blow in all directions. Some seek stability, some seek adventure, while others relentlessly strive for their dreams. Regularly, we feel lost due to societal constraints and pressures, wishing for a momentary refuge from reality. Enter the Escape from Reality Live House – a haven where we build our sanctuary, feel our true inner self, and discover our deep essence. Music isn't just a monologue; it's about resonance and emotion, ideals and passions, and a declaration of self-identity.

Join us under the spotlight called music. Empower yourself with rhythm, express yourself through melodies, and immerse yourself in the unrestrained essence of life.

📍 Location: The Canopy Club

🕢 Date Time: 10/22/2023 @ 7:00PM


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